Environmentally friendly IPM

Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension actively promote the use of Integrated Crop and Pest Management (IPM) by New York growers in order to address agricultural concerns. In many areas of New York State, there are horticultural, economic, social, and political pressures to reduce the environmental impact and use of pesticides in crop production. Public concerns with nutrient and sediment movement into ground and surface water and pressure against pesticide applications is growing. In other regions, agricultural producers are being asked to submit nutrient and soil management plans to address the offsite impacts of their practices. In addition, the development of pesticide resistance in key pests; registration of fewer and more expensive new chemicals for pest control; loss of existing products; and increased competition from other regions continue to push New York agriculture to look for nonchemical alternatives.

IPM techniques help Apple Dave's Orchards to reduce our reliance on pesticides. Pesticides are a control tactic employed in IPM, but they are used preferably only when needed. Pesticide use is thus minimized without jeopardizing crop quality or yield. Applying multiple control tactics minimizes the chance that pests will adapt to any one tactic and allows growers to choose the most environmentally sound, efficacious, and economically efficient pest management program for their situation.

This manual provides information and references that will allow New York fruit growers to practice IPM for many of their crops. While information for the proper use of pesticides is a main component of this manual, other information is contained that can help growers reduce their reliance on pesticides and take advantage of alternatives to pesticides that may be less expensive, less environmentally harmful, and more acceptable to the non-agricultural community.

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IPM Cornell Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques allow us to use natural cycles to produce great apples with minimal use of man-made materials.